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  • XERVON is well known around the world as an innovative partner for the process industry. With over 8,000 employees and more than 80 years’ experience, we are absolutely dedicated to our work – supporting our customers by taking on all the tasks that each new project entails. Today, we can look back at a whole host of successful international projects and look forward to taking on new challenges in the future.

    • Scaffolding, Wendelstein Chapel, Wendelstein/Bavarian Alps (Germany)

        • Project: erecting scaffolding around Wendelstein Chapel
        • Client: Office of the Archbishop of Munich (via the architects Krug Grossmann)
        • Location: Wendelstein/Bavarian Alps (Germany)
        • Tasks: the precise planning and implementation of all tasks including erecting the scaffolding; exterior scaffolding load class 03; work had to be completed in a very short period of time due to the weather conditions; 1st phase ca. 7t and 2nd phase ca. 4-5t as a suspended scaffold on the south wall
        • Special features: scaffolding material had to be transported up the mountain (ca. 1,820m); it was first loaded on to a special waggon and transported by the Wendelstein cog railway before being unloaded and carried to the chapel by hand; the highest church ever to have scaffolding erected around it: ca. 1,820m above sea level

        The video is even more impressive – take a look here at how we erected the scaffolding around Wendelstein Chapel
        watch now

      Scaffolding, Holcim Cement Works, Lägerdorf (Germany)

        • Project: Turnaround at a cement works
        • Client: Holcim (Deutschland GmbH)
        • Location: Lägerdorf (Germany)
        • Tasks: a wide range of scaffolding tasks – from “simple” façade scaffolding all the way through to complex outdoor scaffold structures up to 80m high, including erecting special scaffolding on the outside and inside of the down pipes

      Scaffolding & corrosion protection, Frankfurt-Höchst industrial estate, Frankfurt a. M. (Germany)

        • Project: scaffolding and corrosion protection at an industrial estate
        • Client: Frankfurt-Höchst industrial estate
        • Location: Frankfurt am Main (Germany)
        • Tasks: recoating an 80-metre long pipe bridge, blasting to SA 2.5 standards and 6,000m³ of work platforms and protective scaffolding surrounded by a 5,000m² cover; in total, the corrosion specialists treated a 1,900m² steel structure, 800m² of piping, around 300 pipe supports and 750 pipe U bolts in three separate phases
        • Special features: the steel bridge structure is also used for supporting various stainless steel pipes and cables; situated close to an open salt bunker, it is permanently exposed to a very aggressive atmosphere which means the anti-corrosion coating needs to be renewed at regular intervals

      Scaffolding, high-rise block of flats in the “Im Mainfeld” housing estate, Frankfurt a. M. (Germany)

        • Project: erecting scaffolding around a high-rise block of flats in the “Im Mainfeld” housing estate
        • Client: City of Frankfurt
        • Location: Frankfurt am Main (Germany)
        • Tasks: erecting scaffolding around a block of flats 62 metres high to enable renovation work to be carried out; erecting an 8,500m² scaffold including two lifts (max. load: 500kg & 1,500kg respectively) and diverse bridging scaffolds and heavy-duty beams
        • Special features: both the height of the building and the fact that it had to be completely surrounded meant that the structure would have to bear and transfer relatively heavy loads; furthermore, the scaffolding had to be designed so that it could be used for storing large quantities of materials and parts; experts talk here of a load class 4 with the working scaffold having a minimum width of 90cm and a maximum width of 120cm

      Scaffolding (shoring scaffolding), Inzersdorf flyover (A23) Vienna (Austria)

        • Project: A23 Inzersdorf flyover (shoring scaffolding with rolled steel girders and falsework)
        • Client: ARGE A23 – HSI – Betonbau (STRABAG – HABAU – PORR)
        • Location: Vienna, 23rd district (Austria)
        • Tasks: stationary shoring scaffolding for nine bridges consisting of scaffolding with frame supports and scaffolding made of rolled steel girders and support beams; total surface area ca. 27,000m2, total weight of scaffold ca. 2,500t

      Scaffolding (shoring scaffolding), Knoten Prater (A23/A4), Vienna (Austria)

        • Project: Knoten Prater, Vienna, by-pass structures (shoring scaffolding with rolled steel girders and truss girders)
        • Client: ARGE Knoten Prater (HABAU PORR)
        • Location: Vienna (Austria)
        • Tasks: stationary shoring scaffold made of rolled steel girders and truss girders over the Danube Canal, total surface area ca. 6,300m², span of the truss girders: 34m, width of the shoring structure: ca. 12.50m, concrete load: ca. 23 t/m support structure, scaffolding material ca. 1,000t

        The video is even more impressive – take a look here at how we erected the scaffolding at the Knoten Prater motorway junction
        watch now

      Scaffolding (special scaffold), “Piratsteg” bridge over the A22 motorway, Vienna (Austria)

        • Project: “Piratsteg” bridge over the A22 motorway, Vienna (special scaffold)
        • Client: ARGE Tunnel Kaisermühlen (HABAU, Hinteregger)
        • Location: a bridge for pedestrians and cyclists over the A22 motorway and adjacent bus lane, Vienna (Austria)
        • Tasks: a freestanding system scaffold made of MODEX modular scaffolding on a XERVON shoring scaffold (protective scaffold); ca. 50m long, 9m wide, 7m high, three working areas (in some cases tiered); enclosed area with scaffolding sheeting for the sandblasting work

      Scaffolding (self-supporting weatherproof roof cover), Visby Gymnasium, Visby/ Island of Gotland (Sweden)

        • Project: a self-supporting weatherproof roof cover for a school renovation project
        • Client: Gymnasium Visby (secondary school)
        • Location: Visby / Island of Gotland in the Baltic Sea (Sweden)
        • Tasks: working together with HAKI, a manufacturer of weather protection systems, XERVON completed one of the largest weather projects that Sweden has ever seen: a weatherproof structure, almost 4,000m² in size, has been protecting the building site at the secondary school in Visby since summer 2015; protected by this roof, the construction teams have been able to pull down a section of the school complex – leaving just the foundations and a part of the façade standing – so that the new building can be erected; the project, which is being carried out in two stages, is due to be completed in 2017; the weatherproof roof has a surface area of 44.5m x 60m
        • Special features: Visby is located on the west coast of Gotland, a region that is well known for its adverse weather conditions; thanks to this weatherproof cover, work can continue despite the fierce storms, heavy rainfall and low temperatures; this gigantic weatherproof structure has been built in sections and consists of a scaffold topped by a robust frame with a tarpaulin cover that “floats” up to 20m above the ground and currently spans the northern half of the building

        You can watch a film about this project here
        watch now

      Insulation (framework agreement), tank wagons, Poprad (Slovakia)

        • Project: a framework agreement for insulating new tank wagons
        • Client: Tatravagónka a.s. Poprad
        • Location: Poprad (Slovakia)
        • Tasks: delivering and installing thermal insulation, mineral wool felt covered with stainless steel sheets (cold rolled/bright annealed 2R surface finish), 125 tank wagons / 73m3 class and 75 tank wagons / 80m3 class

      Maintenance, Turnaround BP Gelsenkirchen/Horst (Germany)

        • Project
          Turnaround BP Refinery Autumn 2018
        • Client
          Ruhr Oel GmbH/ BP Gelsenkirchen GmbH
        • Location
          Gelsenkirchen/ Horst
        • Period
          September 03 to October 22, 2018
        • Workforce
          590 staff
        • Services 
          • Mechanical works on 144 heat exchangers, 21 columns,134 vessels and 43 air coolers
          • Piping
          • Coordination of complementary activities like scaffolding, insulation, cleaning and painting


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