With innovative solutions that are always geared towards their future needs, XERVON has firmly established itself as an industrial service provider in the energy sector

Energy industry

The demand for energy will increase over the next 20 years as the global economy continues to grow. A number of conditions must be met over the next few decades if this expected rise in demand is to be satisfied. Strong international ties and cooperation work will be key if these challenges are to be overcome.

A reliable partner for the energy sector

XERVON is one of the largest providers of scaffolding services for power stations needing to carry out maintenance work. It offers its energy sector customers a portfolio of services that has been adapted to meet the precise needs of its industry – now and in the future.

From scaffolding to insulation to surface technology – we have worked on numerous projects with many well-known power plant construction firms and energy providers.

Our strength: our ability to deliver a full range of services

  • Scaffolding: industrial scaffolding, special scaffolds, mobile platforms & enclosed scaffolding
  • Insulation: thermal, cold & acoustic insulation, also bespoke solutions
  • Surface technology: industrial corrosion protection, special corrosion protection, maritime corrosion protection, decontamination & concrete repair
  • Maintenance work:
    • Managing projects during inspections or turnarounds
    • Carrying out a select number of individual maintenance tasks (if preferred as an outsourcing project) or being responsible for all maintenance work
  • Plant management
  • Supporting your maintenance team to plan, coordinate and carry out maintenance work
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