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The XERVON Group’s locations

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The REMONDIS Group’s locations

Industrial insulation. Services for greater energy efficiency and cost-effectiveness

XERVON provides high quality industrial insulation that not only helps you optimise your production processes and manage your costs but also make your operations more sustainable. Specialising in insulation for industrial applications, we are able to deliver all the services that may be required ourselves – from advice and engineering work, to production and logistics, all the way through to professionally installing the systems.

Thermal insulation – for extremely high temperatures as well

Efficient thermal insulation creates tangible energy cost savings. At the same time, it has a positive impact on productivity and product quality as it helps ensure production processes operate at a constant level. XERVON designs highly effective solutions to minimise heat loss at your business. We work with a wide range of technologies here including mineral-fibre insulation, protective cladding and insulation mattresses as well as special high-temperature insulation products, such as silicate fibre and Microtherm.

As certified TIPCHECK engineers, we perform energy audits in line with the standards drawn up by the European Industrial Insulation Foundation (EiiF)

Cold insulation – guaranteeing the right cold temperature

Many industries have to keep their various media or products at a permanently cool temperature. XERVON provides the cold insulation needed to do this. Making the most of our technical know-how, we produce insulation that prevents a build-up of moisture no matter how unfavourable the ambient conditions may be. The materials we deploy range from PUR foam, to polyurethane and polystyrene, through to foam glass and cellular rubber. We offer all the services required and are able to handle plants of all sizes as well as all ranges of temperatures.

Effective cold insulation helps improve product quality and achieves considerable energy savings at the same time

Acoustic insulation – as an individual project or a package of services

Industrial acoustic insulation is not only important for improving health and safety at work. It also has a positive impact on the surrounding area as it helps prevent noise pollution. XERVON develops efficient solutions to reduce noise levels at your business – as a one-off project or as a thermal/acoustic insulation system. Our systems stand out thanks to their high performance, their long service life as well as their low maintenance requirements.

No matter whether it be thermal, cold or acoustic insulation: we provide our insulation services for turnarounds, individual projects and regular maintenance assignments

Trace heating – a preventative measure that’s well worth its while

Pipes are an important part of a business’s infrastructure and play a key role in keeping industrial plants operating smoothly. Our trace heating ensures that pipe networks operated at low temperatures are unable to freeze in winter. This creates a whole number of advantages for your business: it prevents plant stoppages and pipe repair work and it saves energy. What’s more, when combined with insulation, trace heating helps to maintain the temperatures of the different operational processes at the level needed.

We operate in the following sectors



Energy industry

Steel industry

Food industry

German Championship for Industrial Insulators

Industrial insulation work requires both know-how and expertise. We run our own apprenticeship courses to make sure our operatives learn the skills they need for this profession and these courses are proving to be a real success. Over the years, XERVON apprentices have often taken 1st place at the German Championship for Industrial Insulators and won this coveted award. And this competition is a true test of their skills as the only people allowed to enter this annual competition are the apprentices that came first or second in their Chamber of Commerce exams across Germany.

Find out more about how well our apprentices performed at the German Championships hier

Prefabrication work using cutting-edge technology

Besides providing standardised materials and processes, we are often called on to deliver bespoke solutions. Our central workshop in Bottrop is the linchpin of our prefabrication operations. It has been fitted out with a large number of high-performance machines and is considered to be one of the best equipped facilities of its kind. Our state-of-the-art cutting machinery guarantees that cladding sheets are produced efficiently – helping to reduce production time.

Our modern workshop in Bottrop supplies products to teams across the whole of Germany

Safety plus – protecting people and the environment

XERVON is rigorous when it comes to implementing safety measures. The four features of safety management – quality, health, safety and the environment (QHSE) – are at the very core of our day-to-day business. To be able to guarantee this, we count on a wide range of accreditations and implement a whole host of measures that go beyond conventional safety standards.


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