The XERVON Group’s locations

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The XERVON Group’s locations

The REMONDIS Group’s locations

Discover the world of REMONDIS with its approx. 900 branches and associated companies in over 30 countries across Europe, Africa, Asia and Australia.

The REMONDIS Group’s locations

Scaffolding. Safely accessing plants and buildings

Being the largest scaffolding business in Europe, XERVON is a sought-after partner thanks to its extensive experience and in-depth technical know-how – the result of having worked on several thousand scaffolding projects every year for so many decades. Besides delivering top quality scaffolding, we also have exceptionally large teams of specialist staff and stocks of equipment, are able to handle both the technical and commercial aspects of scaffolding projects and have stringent guidelines in place regarding health and safety at work.

Industrial scaffolding – quick, cost-effective, safe

No matter whether the task is part of regular installation work, a maintenance project or a turnaround. XERVON develops bespoke scaffolding solutions to ensure that operatives have the best possible access to industrial facilities and their individual components. Having worked with our industrial customers for so many years, we know exactly what they need. In practical terms, this means that we can meet their industry-specific requirements, develop convenient solutions – even when there is little space available – and ensure that each and every project delivers the maximum levels of efficiency, cost-effectiveness and safety.

The range of services we deliver depends entirely on your requirements. We not only work on specialist, one-off projects but also carry out tasks as part of long-term service agreements

Façade scaffolding – for XL projects as well

If you’ve got a building or renovation project planned, then you can benefit from XERVON’s extensive resources. We are not only able to erect façade scaffold on buildings of all sizes but across whole districts as well. Which means you can rest assured that XERVON will deliver an exemplary performance, ensure your project runs smoothly, keep to the schedule agreed on and be as flexible as the project demands. Our portfolio includes bespoke structures as well as bridging scaffolds, weatherproof roof covers, scaffold coverings, access technology and enclosed scaffolds.

Thanks to our wide network of business locations, we are never far from your building projects

Specialist scaffolding – solutions for those special cases

Scaffolding often has to be individually designed to ensure it fits perfectly around architectural features, for example around churches and bridges. XERVON is able to develop bespoke structures for such cases, no matter how complex the specifications. Working with our team of experienced engineers and structural engineers, we carry out all the structural calculations at our own company. What’s more, we are also able to deliver ideal scaffolding for other special cases – for example, when the structure is not permitted to touch the floor or must be erected around buildings without anchors.

From hanging scaffolds, to aerial and mast climbing work platforms, through to mobile platforms: XERVON uses a whole range of different access technologies

Having the right resources to achieve great things

It is essential that a company has the right resources on hand so that it can carry out projects at short notice or to a tight schedule. XERVON has stocks of over 150,000 tonnes of approved scaffolding material that can be accessed quickly thanks to our smart pooling system. And, with more than 1,000 competent scaffolders and scaffolding specialists, we have all the personnel we need for such projects as well. What’s more, XERVON also focuses on delivering technical innovations to enable work to be performed even more safely and rapidly.

We serve the following sectors


Chemicals & pharmaceuticals


Incineration plants

Energy industry

Construction sector

Metal industry

Paper industry

Public sector

Safety is at the top of our list of priorities

It is also our mission to provide services that are outstanding in the area of QHSE, i.e. quality, health, safety and the environment. We have set up standards that often go well beyond those prescribed by law to make sure we achieve this goal. A whole host of measures have been implemented to maintain and drive forward this high level of QHSE – from our management systems, to our accreditations, through to our SaferTogether initiative. This initiative promotes safe working practices in our everyday operations and is targeted at both our operatives and managers.


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